Solana Portfolio Tracker

As the Solana blockchain and ecosystem continues to grow at an incredible pace, it can become challenging to keep track of all your various crypto investments across this network. With new projects, tokens, NFT collections, and more emerging every day on Solana, you need an effective way to aggregate your entire portfolio in one place. This is where a Solana portfolio tracker becomes extremely useful. A good Solana portfolio tracker will simplify the process of monitoring all your Solana-based crypto assets in a single interface.


What is a Solana Portfolio Tracker?

Solana Portfolio Tracker

A Solana portfolio tracker is a tool that allows you to easily view all of your Solana-based crypto assets in one place and keep track of their overall performance and value over time. As the Solana ecosystem continues to grow with new projects, tokens, and NFTs, it can become difficult to manually track everything you own. A portfolio tracker simplifies this process.


Features of a Good Solana Portfolio Tracker

Most Solana portfolio trackers will include some core features:

Solana Portfolio Tracker

  • Connect to your Solana wallet(s) to import all your holdings automatically. This saves a lot of manual data entry.
  • Track price changes in real-time so you always know the current value of your portfolio. Prices are pulled from exchanges.
  • View breakdowns of your holdings by individual tokens and their percentages of your total portfolio value. This helps you understand where your money is allocated.
  • Track costs like what you paid per token on average. This is useful for calculating profits/losses.
  • Set price alerts so you know when certain tokens hit price targets you specify.
  • View performance charts over time like total portfolio value changes in USD over days/weeks/months. This shows your gains or losses at a glance.
  • Export reports for tax purposes or to share your portfolio with an advisor.
  • Many have dark mode themes which are easier on the eyes if you check your portfolio a lot!

The best Solana portfolio trackers will also have additional advanced stats, customization options, and integrations with other DeFi apps. But the features above cover the basics that every good tracker should provide.


Popular Solana Portfolio Trackers To Consider

Here are some of the top Solana portfolio trackers currently available to use for free:


Solana Beach

Solana Portfolio Tracker

Solana Beach is an easy to use Solana portfolio tracker with a clean interface. It supports multiple wallets and allows importing your transactions automatically. You can view holdings breakdowns and see your portfolio value over time. Solana Beach stands out for its simple yet effective design.



Solfolio is one of the most full-featured Solana portfolio trackers. It connects to multiple wallets and exchanges to aggregate all your Solana assets. Advanced stats include ROI, average buy price, and detailed performance charts. You can customize which wallets/tokens are shown. Solfolio is a great option for experienced Solana investors.


Solana Scan

While not a dedicated tracker, Solana Scan allows viewing your wallet balances and transactions. It’s useful as a basic Solana portfolio tracker to see an overview of your holdings and their values. Solana Scan is best combined with another tracker for more in-depth analytics.


Magic Eden

As the largest NFT marketplace on Solana, Magic Eden also offers a Solana portfolio tracker focused on your NFT collections. It imports your NFTs from connected wallets and shows their current values. Magic Eden is best for tracking Solana NFTs rather than general crypto holdings.

Solana Portfolio Tracker

Sollet is a Solana wallet that also functions as a simple Solana portfolio tracker. It shows your total balance across wallets as well as individual token balances. While limited, Sollet is convenient to use alongside a more full-featured dedicated tracker.


Additional Tools for Managing Your Solana Portfolio

Solana Portfolio Tracker
Solana Portfolio Tracker

In addition to using a dedicated Solana portfolio tracker, there are some other tools that can help you effectively manage your holdings on Solana.

For example, a price tracking website like CoinMarketCap or Coingecko allows you to view the current and historical price data of all assets on Solana in one place. While not a full-fledged portfolio tracker, these sites are useful for getting a quick overview of how different tokens in your portfolio are performing relative to each other on any given day.

Block explorers like Solscan and are also worth bookmarking. These sites allow you to lookup transaction details and balances of any Solana wallet address. You can view your transactions, NFTs, and other on-chain activities. Combined with a portfolio tracker, block explorers provide a more complete picture of your wallet activity.

And of course, using a Solana wallet like Phantom that supports tracking your portfolio value natively is very convenient as well. While more basic than dedicated trackers, built-in wallet tracking removes yet another step in the management process.

By leveraging additional ecosystem tools along with your chosen Solana portfolio tracker, you’ll have the most powerful setup for gaining insights into your holdings and making informed investment decisions on Solana.


Tips For Using Your Solana Portfolio Tracker

Here are some helpful tips to make the most of your selected Solana portfolio tracker;

Solana Portfolio Tracker

  • Make sure to link all your Solana wallets such, as Phantom, Sollet and others to get an overview of your assets.
  • Set up alerts for price changes on projects you’re interested in to keep track of any gains or losses.
  • It’s an idea to generate reports like monthly summaries for tax purposes.
  • Customize the dashboard to focus on the statistics and tokens that matter most to you.
  • Review performance charts to track the growth of your portfolio over time.
  • If you have a portfolio consider upgrading to premium plans for advanced analytics.
  • Keep your tracker synced across devices like your phone for access at all times.
  • Aim to check in on it at a week to stay informed, about your Solana investments!


Final Thought

Utilizing a Solana portfolio tracker proves to be an approach, to understanding how well your Solana investments are performing over time. It saves you the trouble of monitoring each investment and offers insights to assist you in making informed decisions for future investments. Make sure to select a tracker that suits your requirements regardless of whether you’re an investor or a seasoned trader. For serious Solana investors aiming to maximize their portfolio and stay updated on the trends, in this expanding ecosystem having a Solana portfolio tracker is crucial.

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